It was John who said in his first epistle, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God;" and in Revelation, "And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away." What a glorious outlook, to know that every child of the infinite God is in His glorious sunshine, living, moving, and having his being in divine Mind, not in matter! No longer need the tears of perplexity and self-pity flow because of earth's fleeting shadows; for, instead, the gaze may penetrate beyond the seeming mists and claim the promised birthright, the inheritance of the sons of God.

         On page 91 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" Mrs. Eddy has written this awakening truth: "The Revelator tells us of 'a new heaven and a new earth.' Have you ever pictured this heaven and earth, inhabited by beings under the control of supreme wisdom?" No doubt the echo to this question comes to each one, Have I? The mistake always lies in listening, even for a moment, to error. Opportunity is ever awaiting us, and divine progress is most important; in fact, nothing is more important. Then how necessary it is to turn away from pictures of sin, disease, and death, keeping thought always filled with the clear vision of man, upright and free, the image of his Maker.

         Peace, satisfaction, and plenty come to all who are willing to put off the old for the new; discord, disease, and death melt away as a dream when the vision of reality dawns upon enlightened thought and is expressed in daily living. The so-called mist of false perception and deduction is disappearing from universal experience, and the sunlight of Truth is becoming brighter. Men are indeed awakening to see that man is God's perfect spiritual child now.

         Our beloved Leader makes this very clear on page 529 of Science and Health. She says, "Another change will come as to the nature and origin of man, and this revelation will destroy the dream of existence, reinstate reality, usher in Science and the glorious fact of creation, that both man and woman proceed from God and are His eternal children, belonging to no lesser parent." What if temptation does suggest the unlikeness of good in daily activities, in church work, in the world? There is only one thing to do, realize that all such suggestions are but false statements about God and man, and cling to God, divine Mind, until His is the only voice heard. Such knowing will free from every belief that claims aught apart from harmonious existence.

         If the burden seems heavy and the way seems tedious, let us look away into the light of Truth. Every moment may be spent in contemplating the true picture of reality, Life, Truth, and Love. Such happy contemplation will erase all erroneous memories, until they are remembered no more, and only that which is desirable and eternal comes into thought. The heart's true desire is to dwell in the one perfect consciousness, to realize the allness of Love.

         What an infinitude of blessings the thought of reality opens up, the perfect atmosphere of Love, as gentle as the moonbeams, as close as the sunshine, as changeless as eternal goodness, ever waiting to be accepted and lived, that men may know Life to be ever present and eternal good. The realization of this great truth will mold us into His true likeness, reflecting His sweetness, drinking in His wisdom, and radiating His glory; and, finally, men will claim God's kingdom only, and desire no other.

         When the heart cries out, Why am I not healed? it is well to ask the questions: What am I striving to see? Am I seeking the beautiful vision of God's perfect creation and spiritual ideas, or am I still revolving in thought the pictures of discord and disease? If the latter, thought may be changed quickly, and patiently kept true to the spiritual vision. Jesus showed the way, and proved it by example. Mrs. Eddy, our faithful Leader, followed in his footsteps and also proved it by example. No one who is willing and obedient in applying the rules of Christian Science can long remain in an unhappy consciousness.

"Abide not in the realm of dreams,
O man, however fair it seems;
But with clear eye the present scan,
And hear the call of God and man."


"Reality" by Adell Lonergan
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1925

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