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         Does it not seem sometimes that before we can go higher, we must pause and gratefully acknowledge the benefits already received? Having been healed by mental surgery, I wish to give my experience, believing that it will help those who still cling to the belief that human hands are necessary to adjust displaced organs and dislocated vertebrae.

         Several years ago I was thrown from a horse and sustained injuries, the seriousness of which did not at once become apparent. As time went on it became evident that several internal organs had been displaced, and this difficulty, together with dislocated vertebrae, became so distressing that I had treatment from doctors of different schools. At the end of two years, however, conditions were much worse, and I was told that all had been done for me that it was humanly possible to do, although congenial people and surroundings might overcome the depression and discouragement, which were a great hindrance to my recovery. Accordingly, new quarters were found in a pretty residence district. An aunt on being told of the pleasant room secured, replied that it was in the home of a Christian Science practitioner and suggested that Christian Science be given a trial. Not knowing anything about this healing method, and being extremely discouraged, I sought the kind-faced lady one day and asked to be helped; so treatments were lovingly begun. Five days later I returned from a long walk, and how different were the buoyant, elastic step, the bright face, and the erect carriage! In bounding up the stone steps a fall was occasioned by misjudging distances, but at once came the happy assurance that normal eyes could see better without glasses. In other days such a fall would have proved disastrous, but no anxiety was felt and I prepared to return home for a few days.

         Despite the assurances of the practitioner that the healing work was done and a longer stay with her needless, I was incredulous, and reluctantly returned to my home in a distant town; but I soon realized that all the organs were in their right places and doing their work properly, and in place of pain and distress were happiness and a new sense of freedom. In about two weeks, as I sat quietly sewing, it dawned upon me that I was bending over my work in a position that had not been assumed for months without pain. At that instant the vertebrae popped back into place with a distinctly audible sound, and the jar was felt all over the body. Several muscles and cords in the back and shoulders were also felt to be adjusting themselves anew. Then I knew that divine Mind had done its perfect work, and that through the mental reconstruction and adjustment the "signs following" became a proof that "Christian Science is always the most skilful surgeon," as Mrs. Eddy says on page 402 of Science and Health.

         Many healings have been brought about by the study of our periodicals and the works of Mrs. Eddy, not the least being the amending of an uncertain disposition, which result is reflected in more harmonious conditions both in the home and abroad.

Gratia K. Acuff
Rupert, Idaho


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, April 12, 1919

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