Christian Science Testimony

         Through the understanding of God as taught in Christian Science I have been lifted out of the practice of material methods of healing into a work which is much more helpful, both to myself and to those with whom I come in contact. Daily I find it can be proved that what we have formerly mistakenly believed, have been mistakenly taught, and have practiced mistakenly, cannot hinder us in correctly thinking about God and man, if we are truly willing to do so. Often when I have been tempted to excuse myself for wrongdoing on the basis of my early training, I have been greatly helped by Paul's words in Galatians, "Who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?"

         Although I did not turn to Christian Science for physical healing, but rather to gather firsthand information about it, I have had many healings, the first of which was instantaneous. A motorcycle kicked back when being started, the crank striking me in the arch of my right foot, which had formerly been fractured. The blow seemed to refracture the same bone, causing excruciating pain. At this time I had been reading "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy but a very short time, and the thought immediately presented itself that now was a good time to prove what Christian Science could do. Turning to the truth as best I knew how, I mounted the machine and rode to the town where I was living, a distance of about ten miles. When I dismounted, the foot was so badly swollen and the pain was so great that I could not bear my weight on it, but was compelled to hop into the house.

         There was a Christian Science practitioner in the building in which I had my office, and I felt if I could get there I would receive help. I managed to get to the building and request help. After a few moments' conversation the practitioner requested me to read while she gave me a treatment. Almost immediately I experienced what I shall never forget: I was healed. This healing convinced me that "with God all things are possible" now, as in Jesus' time, and that Christian Science is truly Christian! Work that day necessitated my being on my feet for over twelve hours, but at the end of that time I felt as fresh as in the early morning. From then onward I began the diligent study of Christian Science.

         I wish also to express my great gratitude for the protection afforded through the understanding of God. On page 97 of Science and Health we read, "According to human belief, the lightning is fierce and the electric current swift, yet in Christian Science the flight of one and the blow of the other will become harmless." This was recently proved in a thunderstorm. I was seated on a couch before a large window, leaning against the window casing discussing Christian Science with a friend and with members of my family. There had been a most uplifting exchange of testimonies and experiences. I was asked to repeat a testimony that had been told me, and while I was talking there was a loud report and the sound of falling glass. The lightning had apparently struck the window against which I was leaning, shattering the glass; but I was untouched. Three of those facing me saw the bolt as it struck, but due to the uplifted thought of all because of the truth that had been voiced, no one was even alarmed. Great was our rejoicing as we realized this added proof of the power of God. Many of the neighbors reported that they had felt the shock in their homes, but we had felt no vibration.

         Only through demonstrating more and more love for God and my fellowman daily, can I prove my gratitude for this divinely natural deliverance, and for all the wonderful blessings which Christian Science has brought into my experience; for Mrs. Eddy, who gave her revelation of Truth to this age; for the loving practitioners who have assisted me on my way; for our church activities and our periodicals; and for the many trials and heartaches which have compelled me to grow.

Alfred Lewis Aiken
Norwalk, Connecticut


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, October 8, 1927

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