Christian Science Testimony

         I should like to tell first of a healing my little girl had five years ago. She was running across the road in pursuit of her brother when she was knocked down and run over by a car. I was busy in the house at the time, and when I heard the scream I declared the truth immediately, although I did not realize that it was my own child who was hurt. A moment afterwards a man came and informed me that my child had been run over and was badly hurt about the head, and he strongly advised me to get a doctor at once. It so happened that it was a doctor who had run over her, and he came in to see what damage had been done. In the meantime Christian Science help had been obtained from a practitioner about nine miles away, and I felt calm and sure that all was well. The doctor was very much upset, and would not be satisfied until I consented to have the child examined by another doctor. I agreed to my old doctor being called in. When he arrived I had a sense of fear, but I very soon corrected that and was able to stand and watch, knowing that all was well with the child, and that nothing serious could be found. His verdict was that he could find nothing seriously wrong with her, but I was to keep her quiet and he would call the next day.

         I must now tell what appeared to the senses to have happened. Both a back and a front wheel of the car had gone over the child's neck and shoulder. The side of her face nearest the ground was terribly scarred, and the ear was crushed in. Both doctors called next day to see her, and were surprised to find her up playing with her toys. After they had gone, the bandage on her face became loose, and seemed to bother her, and I put it in the fire. In half an hour's time after, the ear had become normal. Two days afterwards there was not a mark to be found anywhere, the shoulder was healed and the child was well. It would take too long to tell of all the inspiration this healing gave to me, and the way the child responded to the truth as it was spoken to her from time to time.

         Another beautiful healing took place in 1925, when another of my children was taken ill with pneumonia. She had been very ill for days and the trouble did not seem to yield at all. On a Sunday she appeared much worse, and as I had the office of Reader to fill I was undecided which was my first duty. I voiced the thought to my husband that I believed my place was at home with the child. His reply was, "Who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?" I instantly knew that I must go to church and take my place, knowing that there was no reality in sickness. When I arrived home she was sitting up; and she sang Mrs. Eddy's beautiful hymn for me, beginning "Shepherd, show me how to go" (Poems, p. 14).

         From that time onward I have proved what Christian Science can do in many ways, and I am very grateful for the wonderful revelation of Truth which has been given to us through our beloved Leader, whose purity and consecration to God enabled her to reveal to us in this age the healing power of the Christ.

Selina Collins-Campbell
West Kirby, Cheshire, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, July, 1929

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