Christian Science Testimony

         As one who has derived untold benefit from the study of Christian Science, I am taking the opportunity of telling others what it has done for me. From my earliest recollection I was conscious of a desire, which increased with time, to know about God and man. I turned to Christian Science in an hour of great need, not physical but mental, through reading a Sentinel which was given me to burn. After reading the testimonies I thought, "Oh! if it were true that Christ could, or would, bind up the broken-hearted." I did not believe it, but somehow could not let that Sentinel go, and my eyes were healed the first day I read it. Finally I ordered a copy of Science and Health to see if it were true, or rather to prove it false by comparing it with the Bible, as it claimed to be the "key" to the Scriptures. After reading the textbook I knew I had found the truth. I wrote to a practitioner and asked for help, and can now say that my home has been changed from discord to harmony. Bad temper, profanity, and the desire for strong drink have been overcome. I have learned that my enemies were but wrong thoughts, never persons, places, or things. I am deeply grateful for the Christian Science literature, which is very helpful in gaining a fuller understanding of the truth. I am thankful to God for the joy and freedom that have come to me and mine, and grateful to Mrs. Eddy for making the Bible an open book to me, so that I can use and demonstrate its truth in daily living.

Gussie Cummings
Lockhart, Texas

         I gladly verify my wife's testimony. I would like to add that not only was I cured of the drink habit, but of vice in every form. Never a kind word or thought did I have for those in the home. Thanks to Christian Science all that is gone. Each day I am trying to let my light shine that others may see the change.

Frank Cummings


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, January 17, 1920

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