Christian Science Testimony

         Christian Science is a great help to me in my everyday work, and reduces to a large extent the fear of accidents. Everything goes much better when we learn that "the government shall be upon his shoulder," and that all we need is to do our part, and not worry about the result.

         One day while we were testing an air compressor, the gas which had been collected in the tank exploded. The air gauge, safety valve, and also the connecting pipes were blown off, windows were broken, and some parts were blown the whole length of the building; but although we were only a few feet from the tank at the time, no one was injured. On another occasion, while I was standing by a die-casting machine, some molten aluminum squirted out and struck my arm, setting the clothes on fire. I declared the truth as best I could, and soon forgot all about the incident. That evening there were a lot of pits on the arm, caused by the hot metal, but these have all disappeared. One day I hit one of my fingers such a severe blow with a hammer that the glove I was wearing was cut through. At the end of a week there was practically no evidence of the accident, although similar bruises had taken about a month to heal when material remedies were used.

         Once, while I was walking through a building which was being remodeled, a workman dropped a piece of scantling upon my head. I was dazed for an instant, but soon realized the truth sufficiently so that nearly all pain disappeared in a short time. I was pleased to find that there was practically no sense of resentment toward the man whose carelessness had caused the accident. Before coming into Christian Science it would have been a long time before I could have forgiven him. Needless to say, I am more grateful than I can express for this practical religion.

Harry Dean
Detroit, Michigan


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 29, 1918

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