Christian Science Testimony

         For the benefit of those who think it impossible to be healed of disease by reading Christian Science, I wish to state my experience. It is almost eight years since my attention was first called to this subject, and then I made light of it. A friend told me of cases healed through Christian Science, and hearing of other instances of healing I began to get interested.

         I had been troubled for a number of years with a disease, and had consulted a number of reputable physicians without any permanent benefit. Spells of intense suffering would come at night every few months. One evening I felt that I was in for another night of suffering, and concluded I would try what I had learned of Christian Science. I began to read a copy of the Journal (all the Christian Science literature I had, for up to that time I had never seen Science and Health, the Christian Science textbook). I read long after the family had retired, falling asleep in my chair and sleeping for about a half hour. When I awoke the misery was still there, but no worse. I retired and began to declare the truth the best I knew how. Finally I fell asleep and did not waken until morning, when the misery was all gone. I told my wife what I had done, and said to her, "I know that I will never be troubled with those spells again;" and I never have been in eight years. This was my first proof of Christian Science. Since then I have been completely healed, in one or two treatments, of an obstinate bowel trouble, of almost a lifetime. Headaches of a very severe nature are a thing of the past and I suffer with them no more. My wife has been greatly benefitted through Christian Science, and we have also witnessed many proofs of healing with our children through this truth.

         Could anyone be less than thankful to God, and to Mrs. Eddy, through whom we have been able to learn such a glorious truth?

Edwin Eikenbery
Camden, Ohio


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1910

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