Christian Science Testimony

         I feel it a duty, as well as a privilege, to tell the world the wonderful work done by Christian Science in the healing of my son.

         On the night of June first he went to his father's trunk factory to turn out the gas that had been carelessly left burning in a small drying room; from lack of oxygen the gas had gone out in this room, and of course it was filled with the gas. It being dark my son lighted a jet in the large room about six feet from the door of the small room and then thoughtlessly opened this door. The gas burst out, ignited, and caused a terrific explosion, which broke all the windows in the building, and some across the street, and shook buildings several blocks away.

         My son was thrown across the room; he was unconscious for awhile, but soon rallied sufficiently to grope his way to the street and call a carriage. On the way home he stopped for a Scientist.

         On arriving home the Scientist, knowing my husband was not a Scientist, asked me if I wanted a doctor. I said to my son, “Do you want a doctor?" A very emphatic no, was the reply, so the case was given to Science, and in about two hours he said the pain was all gone.

         The case seemed critical to sense, as he was badly burned and had in all probability inhaled the fire, which by doctors is pronounced fatal.

         His face, hands, and wrists were badly burned. There was not a spot on his face as large as a pea that was not burned through the flesh, while the back of one hand was completely torn off, leaving the muscles exposed. His lips were so badly burned, and the inside of his mouth and nostrils, that he could not take food that required chewing, or breathe through his nose. He did not suffer a particle from the time he said the pain was gone. I never saw healing go on so beautifully and rapidly; before the end of one week he could chew his food, and in less than three weeks both face and hands were perfectly well, leaving not one scar. This proves the mortal laws regarding exposure to air, blood poisoning, stiffened joints and muscles, and scars, to be powerless before the law of Omnipotent Good.

Lizzie Freling
Kansas City, Missouri


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1895

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