Christian Science Testimony

         However indifferent my attitude toward Christian Science when first it was brought to my attention, I could no longer ignore it when it healed me instantaneously of a sickness of which medical aid had failed to relieve me. This seemed very curious to me, so I borrowed the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, to learn what had healed me; and I shall never forget the joy and surprise I experienced when I read that beautiful first chapter, on Prayer. It was not, as I had thought, ridiculous, nor superstitious, not even strange: to me it was simply the revealing of the truth of which sometimes in my longing to know God I had caught a faint glimpse, but which I had never before been able to discern clearly. I have been studying Christian Science and putting it into practice, so far as understood, for about seventeen years; and I can truthfully testify that it is the greatest blessing in my life.

Antoinette A. Fennema
Amsterdam, Holland


Excerpt from "The Lectures" (remarks prefatory to a lecture)
Christian Science Sentinel, December 20, 1924

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