Christian Science Testimony

          I want to express my gratitude for the many blessings Christian Science has brought into my life. Almost fifteen years ago, as a family of five, we took up this study; and we have had many proofs of God's healing and protecting power. I have been healed of nervous dyspepsia, depression which would last three days at a time, shortness of breath, an attack of inflammation of the lungs, an ache which I had had constantly for many years, also a severe attack of neuritis. I was instantaneously healed of the result of two accidents, through the realization that man is a spiritual idea and does not live in a material body.

          During the war my two sons were for three years and a half constantly in the fighting line. Christian Science comforted me then, giving me strength and courage to realize man's unity with God. A great sense of gratitude wells up within me for the protecting power of this great truth. Early in the war one of my sons, in jumping on to an ammunition wagon, had his coat caught on a wheel, so that he was thrown underneath the wagon, and the rear wheel passed over him. He had had the benefit of some years' instruction in the Christian Science Sunday School and his thought was very clear on the fact that man is spiritual; therefore, while falling he realized the allness of God and His idea. The next morning the major and the doctor came to his bedside and read the report, which said that a wagon weighing over a ton had run over him, but that no bones were broken. In two days he was up and walking around; and within a week he was out as usual, much to the surprise of everyone.

          To say I am grateful is very small return for the blessings we have received. I am grateful for having learned of God as a present help in time of trouble. I am grateful for the loving work of Mrs. Eddy in rediscovering the Christ, Truth, and giving it to a needy world.

Helene Findlay
Belleville, New Jersey


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, February 21, 1925

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