Christian Science Testimony

         Some time ago I came from the train late in the evening and took the streetcar home. Being deep in thought, I saw too late that the car was just passing the stopping place where I had to get out. In a foolish overhaste I ran to the back of the car and jumped out, just at the moment that it had its greatest speed. By running two or three paces I kept upright, but then I fell forward with my face striking the stones with considerable force, and with an ugly crushing sound as if the nose bone had broken. I rose, bleeding rather profusely; also with a painful feeling in my nose, which, however, I took good care not to touch. The thought of disfigurement, in connection with that crushing sound, was horrible to me. Therefore, I resolved then and there to know the truth at once, with all my might, in order to prevent the terrified thoughts from taking shape in physical disfigurement. On my way home, holding a handkerchief, which fortunately happened to be a large one, under my nose, I realized the truth, and the bleeding stopped. It was my intention not to touch my nose, or to look into the mirror; but a glance at the mirror showed me a badly swollen nose of a dark blue color. The penalty for this weakness was that I had to do some more mental work to annul the influence of this terrifying picture. I fell asleep rather soon and had a tranquil night, and the next morning, when I looked into the mirror, I saw no trace of disfigurement or discoloration, nor even an abrasion, while my nose was not sensitive at all.

         I felt very happy and grateful for this glorious proof of man's dominion; for true thoughts, or God's thoughts of ministering love, His angels, are always and everywhere at our disposal, and each of the truths destroys the ignorance or the lie which denies it, just as light destroys darkness. With the destruction of the lie the fear of it will vanish, and with it the symptoms arising from that fear — all, according to Jesus' words, "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." Also, it showed me once more the advisability of acting immediately at the very first entrance of error, in order that the frightened thoughts shall be dispelled.

         I feel most grateful to Mrs. Eddy. The great verities about the nature of God and divine healing are to be found in the Bible, but Mrs. Eddy gave me the insight by which I learned to understand those texts in their all-important actuality and practicability. Her textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," has indeed become a "key" to the Scriptures for me as for innumerable others.

Dr. David A. Giel
The Hague, Holland


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, October, 1928

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