Christian Science Testimony

          Up to the time when I became interested in the subject of Christian Science, I was the victim of nervous breakdown from which I had suffered three attacks, the first one occurring during my senior year at college. Although friends and relatives urged me to try Christian Science for relief, I ignored their advice, like many others who have not understood that God is the only healing power. Christian Science freed me from every vestige of nervousness, and brought to me a sense of peace, calm, and harmony, which I had never before known. Insomnia had troubled me during all these years; but this was healed in the first treatment.

          For ten years I had worn glasses. Christian Science treatment healed me instantaneously, so that I was able to lay aside the glasses without delay, and to see more clearly without than with them. I had smoked to considerable excess for many years, and had often tried to stop through the exercise of willpower, but in vain; for whenever I would smell tobacco smoke the desire would return. With one treatment by a Christian Science practitioner I was completely healed of all desire for tobacco, so that immediately afterwards even the odor of it became offensive to me. The desire for all false stimulants left me. Before coming into Christian Science temper frequently mastered me; but this has entirely disappeared, having been replaced by love. A former tendency to be melancholy has given way to continuous joy and happiness; and a critical disposition has been succeeded by a sense of love for all mankind.

          But what I am most grateful for is the better understanding I have of God, for the realization that God is ever present, everywhere; that God is good and sends only good to us; that God is the only healing power, and that there is nothing He cannot heal; that God is our source of supply, infinite and unlimited, and that our seeming needs are already met in divine Mind; and that man is God's image and likeness, God's perfect idea.

          No words can ever express my gratitude to God, to Christ Jesus the Way-shower, and to our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for all the blessings and healings which have come to me through Christian Science.

Howard Ross Haviland
New York City, New York


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, November, 1922

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