Christian Science Testimony

         In the fall of 1896 our youngest child was born. A Christian Science practitioner was called, also an experienced accoucheur, who informed us that the practitioner would not be needed until the following morning. At one o'clock in the morning it became evident that the practitioner was very much needed, as the suffering had become intense and unnatural, but it was impossible to reach her until morning. At 4 A.M. the child was born, and then re-action took place. It was 7 A.M. when the Scientist arrived, but to all appearances I was rapidly passing away. Discerning that something had been done not in accordance with Christian Science treatment, she requested that the house physician of a neighboring hospital be called who diagnosed the case as hemorrhage resulting from torn placenta. On leaving, my husband followed him to the door and asked what he thought of the case; the doctor informed him that I had refused to take medicine, but that that decision would make no difference, as in his opinion, it was a question of only a very few minutes when all would be over, and requested that the accoucheur (who did the work and refused to tell what had been done) be found and punished.

         Knowing that we were Christian Scientists he asked permission to call to see me the following day, in case I should live, which was granted.

         Three times I was laid down on the pillow as dead, with intervals of several minutes between my returning to consciousness.

         The Scientist declared aloud the Truth, never faltering, affirming and re-affirming the Omnipotence and Omnipresence of divine Love.

         The last time I returned to consciousness her voice seemed to reach me at a distance with its mandate to return and take up my work. At first there was a feeling of rebellion, but a sense of duty was borne in upon me, that my work was here, and I must return to it. The rebellion vanished and I became perfectly conscious, and with it came a most beautiful sense of peace and blessedness, an inexpressible condition of mind, and there were no more relapses. The following day the placenta came away, thirty-two hours after the birth, without material assistance. Two hours later the doctor called, and was very much astonished at the removal of the placenta in such a manner, and also at my improved condition, and from that hour there was a steady improvement noticeable, and although confined to my bed three weeks, I was not weary of it once.

         Two months later the doctor called to see what had become of me, and frankly admitted he could not understand a power that could do such wonderful work. That I lived and that he was cognizant of the conditions that were overcome, he was sure, but was not ready to accept our explanation of it.

         As I came back to my old place in the world, there came with it a sense of gratitude to, and appreciation of, the author of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" that I had never before felt, and it has made me more determined to overcome self and its many manifestations of error, to be more faithful over the "few things" that have been revealed to me in Christian Science, that in time I may become ruler over the "many things" that error claims.

Luellen Wilbur Ruth
Denver, Colorado


"Notes from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, September, 1900

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