Christian Science Testimony

         I suffered from childhood and was counted delicate, physicians differing as to the cause of my illness. I had a severe nervous trouble, heart disease, etc., but was loth to acknowledge that I was sickly and endeavored to work all I could. After my marriage I grew rapidly worse, until I became hopeless and saw life stretch out before me only as an experience of misery to myself and others. It was in this condition that Christian Science found me. At first I would not hear of it, but finally yielded to the persuasions of my husband and a friend who had been healed when the doctors gave no hope of recovery. I went to a practitioner for treatment, began to improve, and in less than a month I was well. It is about ten years since I came to Christian Science and began to enjoy the blessings of health. The discernment that Christian Science was a spiritual truth for all to understand and thereby work out their salvation, came to me slowly, but I cannot begin to tell of all that it has done for me and my family, supporting, healing, and comforting us in our daily life, bringing joy for sadness, and giving us a sure foundation on which to rest. This testimony would not be complete without an expression of thanks to our dear Leader, whose unselfish love has brought to us the blessings of Truth.

Maggie McClellan
Hamilton, Canada


"Testimonies from the Field"
The Christian Science Journal, January, 1907

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