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         It has come to me forcibly of late that having been helped so much by the testimonies, I ought to show my gratitude by adding mine. A little over a year ago a much loved brother passed on after only a day's illness, and Christian Science was the only thing that sustained us then. When someone remarked to my mother that it was too bad to have our family circle broken, my mother said to herself, "A real circle can never be broken; otherwise it is no longer a circle." This thought of perfection and completeness has helped me to feel that though our brother is not with us in the flesh, nothing can take away the good he said and did. A few months ago my father passed on, and again Truth sustained us through this trial which seemed so great, and all at home were lifted above the mortal belief of death into the knowledge that there is in reality no separation from God or His children.

         A few years ago the top of my thumb was cut off through the middle of the nail and up, not taking the bone. I declared the truth at once, and placed it on again. After one treatment from a practitioner the pain ceased, and in a few more the hard throbbing stopped; soon the thumb was healed. This healing was indeed a proof of God's loving care for His children. One day my brother pushed his arm through a pane of glass, which made a deep, jagged cut. At first he seemed to be in great pain, but through treatment from a practitioner relief came in a little while and the complete healing soon followed.

         Last winter my small son became very ill with a so-called serious disease, but through the faithful help of a practitioner, although the disease returned with renewed force when he was almost well, he was entirely healed and there were none of the after effects which are sometimes looked for in these cases. Train sickness, colds, burns, whooping cough, a swollen foot, cuts, and many other errors have been quickly overcome.

         My husband is an army officer, and in the numerous and sudden moves we have had of late, I have been able, through my understanding of Christian Science, to put up agreeably with many unpleasant conditions. The periodicals are a great help to me now in knowing that our Army will be protected in France because it represents the right, and that when the time comes for my husband to go there, he will have the protection of our Father. My heart is filled with gratitude to Mrs. Eddy, whose unselfish life has given us the knowledge which has made it possible for those who are willing to follow Christ to overcome all evil.

Kathleen Carroll Mitchell
Portland, Oregon


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 29, 1918

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