Christian Science Testimony

         In March, 1912, it seemed as though I had reached the end of all conscious effort to go on living. Mentally I felt exhausted. I had come to the place where I hoped some providence, divine or otherwise, would end my seemingly useless struggles, for I was utterly depressed and discouraged. Financially I was spending somewhat more than I could earn, in spite of daily efforts exerted from early morning to late evening and often into the night. At this time my wife was trying to gain enough strength to undergo an operation, and our baby was to be operated on as soon as the weather moderated.

         It was at this point of utter hopelessness that I was driven to try Christian Science, not for myself, but simply because I hated to see my little girl go through what my wife had three times undergone at the hospital. I had always persecuted Christian Scientists, thinking them a menace to society, and it was in rather a patronizing manner that I informed a Christian Scientist that if Christian Science healed my child, then I would look into it. The reply that I would have to straighten out my own mental house, angered me. For a week I was resentful. Then as the time for my baby's operation drew nearer, in desperation I borrowed a copy of Science and Health and began to read it, when almost immediately I commenced to feel more hopeful. I attended a Wednesday evening meeting, and during silent prayer it seemed as though I had been washed clean of all cares and fears. I felt so happy and so grateful that it was with difficulty I resisted the impulse to get up and testify that same evening.

         Within a week my material affairs had straightened out and improved immeasurably. Happiness returned, and best of all, the necessity for my child's operation disappeared. By reading and studying Science and Health my wife was delivered from the necessity of undergoing another operation. That March, five years ago, marked the turning point in the lives of the members of our family. I date all my present happiness from the moment I ceased to persecute Christian Science and turned to it for help. God has since blessed us in manifold ways, and I am grateful not only for many physical healings, but for mental peace and moral regeneration. Christian Science healed me instantaneously of the tobacco habit.

         I am thankful to our revered Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, who stood so sturdily for the demonstration of the truth which makes us free. I rejoice for her spiritual consecration and steadfastness, which enabled her to stand, when she was the only Christian Scientist in the world, so that we might have this scientific Christian understanding which meets our every need.

Remington Schuyler
New York, New York

         When the precious gift of Christian Science was brought to me about five years ago, I was very much opposed to it, having been in a training school for nurses for two years I thought the doctrine very harmful. The birth of my baby had left me with an organic disorder which made it impossible for me to walk without pain, and a noted surgeon had told me that an operation was the only thing that would eradicate the trouble. Having undergone three operations I felt that I could not go through the experience again, and as a last resort I began to read Science and Health. One day I determined to give Christian Science a just trial, so I threw away all my medicine and every surgical appliance in the house, and a few days after that I realized that I was healed. I am now able to walk ten miles or more, and have become a normal woman.

         We have had many healings during these years, but I am most grateful that each day I may know more of God's love for all His children. I have a great sense of love and gratitude toward Mrs. Eddy, and toward all who have aided me in obtaining a better understanding of God.

Anna Schuyler


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, December 8, 1917

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