The Lesson Sermons

         Although published as editorial matter, the articles which have appeared in recent issues of the Sentinel under the head of “The Christian Science Sermon,” were written by a member of the Bible Lesson Committee. They were written, therefore, from an intelligent standpoint. The writer spoke with a knowledge born of experience in the preparation of the lessons, a careful study of their purpose, their method, their construction, and their spirit. The members of this committee, next to our Leader, are better able than others to point out these elements of the lessons, and we are glad to have had the privilege of presenting this series of helps to the Field. All must have profited by their perusal. If any have thus far failed to do so, they would do well to lose no further time. This is especially true of the Readers. Having familiarized themselves with the plan and order of arrangement of the lessons, they are better fitted to perform their function as instruments for voicing the healing Truth contained therein.

         There is no more effective way of teaching the Word than by means of these sermons. They bring in review the spiritual import of Scripture in its entirety. Its content from Genesis to Revelation, is expounded. These sermons supply a Scriptural exegesis which the world needs, for which the world has long been looking.

         No attentive, sincere student, or earnest listener, whether Scientist or non-Scientist, can hear or read the alternate passages from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, without seeing the unity of the two. Their inter-relation is unmistakable. Even their letter, though differing in phraseology, is the same in meaning; and as to their spirit, blunt indeed is the spiritual discernment that cannot apprehend their oneness. The blindness of prejudice or lethargy of indifference alone will stand in the way of such an apprehension. The unbiased student of these compilations will, soon or late, admit that if the Bible, in its spiritual essence, is an inspired Book, the Christian Science textbook in its interpretation thereof, is inspired also.

         The inspiration, or otherwise, of sermons may fairly be judged of by the good they do.

         The Christian Science ground is that salvation includes good health as well as good morals; that there must be a saving from sickness as well as sin; that there must be a redemption from all dis-ease and discord, not through the portals of the grave, but through the “triumphal arch of immortality” — that is, through Life.

         Any sermons that fail thus to teach, fall short of the sermonizing taught and practiced by Jesus. On this ground, Christian Scientists sincerely invite comparison of their sermons and their results with those of other systems.

         The Truth contained in the Christian Science Sermons fully assimilated, will destroy alike, sin, sickness and death.

         These sermons further illustrate that the Christian Science textbook is truly textual. It is not a book which can be read as a story book or continuous tale. Each paragraph, often each sentence, is a study in itself, for it states an infinite truth, an eternal fact, that has in it the very essence of Life.

         Let us then, with renewed energy and increased assurance continue our God-inspired work, regardless of opposition, ridicule, or ignorance. Let us prove the efficacy of Life and the power of Love.


"The Lesson Sermons"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 30, 1899

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