Christian Science is Bringing
Heaven to Earth

         [About seven years ago Mr. Lent wrote a book entitled "Being Done Good," and included in it a chapter in which he ridiculed Christian Science. Since that time he, like many others, has found that he was mistaken in his estimate of the value of this teaching, and it is his intention, we are informed, to insert in the remainder of the present edition of his book the following explanation and correction. — EDITOR.]

         Seven years ago I "tried" Christian Science for one whole month. I could then see it was a fraud (everybody said so), and I ridiculed it in a chapter in this book, as I deemed it my duty to do. Two years ago, after wandering five years more and eight years altogether in the desert of matter, searching for the truth that would make me free, I was turned back to Christian Science by a woman with a copy of Science and Health and a Bible. Up to that time I had engaged upward of thirty-five doctors and material healers, to say nothing of innumerable "cures," in my quest. When this woman reached out her helping hand I had dwelt in a far country about long enough, and of husks I had eaten to the point of yearning for my Father's house. For the past two years I have been keeping to the straight and narrow way which leads to the heights in Christian Science, and I have demonstrated much over the claims of ill health, — enough to know that Mary Baker Eddy has established a church that will raise up a race of prophets and poets of the true order, immune to the fears of these days, and bring to this earth a full realization of the prayer, "Thy kingdom come."

         The world is on the edge of a spiritual reformation free from superstition, vain speculations, and trifling psychological investigations. The so-called scientific methods of gathering and classifying material and psychological "facts" must be abandoned. "Let the dead bury their dead," is the master Scientist's enduring comment on pathology. He did not teach that the world was to be overcome by such methods as our physical scientists employ, but that it was to be dominated by man when man, through intercourse with God, Spirit, realizes his eternal, spiritual, and perfect relations with the Father.

         I learned that a mortal's faith, or his doctor's faith, in a drug saved him apparently, until his worship, often unconscious or subconscious, of that drug idol failed. The age of idolatry is here, and must be wiped out by knowing the truth that makes mortals free. The truth is that God never made discord; that a house divided against itself cannot stand; that a fountain cannot give forth both sweet water and bitter; we cannot serve both God and mammon. This is true science, but it is not yet taught at the universities of the land and logically applied to the smallest things of life. But it will be lived there, as elsewhere, when preaching gives way to doing.

         The great physicists cannot see this thing, nor the psychologists of the schools. Their minds are loaded and overloaded with hairsplitting fancies founded on subtle, unsuspected divinations, which they proceed to materialize and then "discover." But the wise of this world are sincere, and will yet become as babes and imbibe the truth which is so simple that we all pass it by everyday to seize the phantasmal which to our poor sense seems so real and vital. It is well to be armed, however, with armor that is proof against these misleading wiles.

         I have no criticism to make of any sincere worker. As a reformer I am amazed to find that I have much to do right here at home, and any effort that I might care to make in straightening out the affairs of my neighbor without his seeking might better be spent in my own bounds.

         I have regretted what I have written in this book against Christian Science, and I have about paid the last farthing for it. I have regretted all my sins, most of them committed through ignorance, but I shall work my way out in so far as I move sincerely and actively toward the real and substantial things of the spiritual kingdom.

         Few of my friends see the coming of the millennium as I do. They do not have to see it yet. They are big, strong, and healthy, and busily happy. That is the way I want them to be. In due course they will reach the road quicker than I have done. They are more gifted with the simplicity that is necessary to secure direct results. They will say when they call, "Something has done him good; I guess it's the fresh air in the country; he drives out everyday now." Little do these kind hearts realize what has been done to effect this change: they know nothing of the devils that have been cast out or the angels that have been admitted. So must it be with every mortal. His friends can give to him much comforting sympathy and uplifting thought, but in so far as they coddle him in his misfortunes their efforts are misdirected. This great mistake the human race does not yet perceive, but it will.

         I do not want to preach. The way to do lies clear before me. For this I am grateful to Almighty God, and to Christ Jesus, the Wayshower in Science.

         But where would I have stood had the message of that New England woman not been delivered? Mary Baker Eddy is the greatest reformer that has come into this world since the year I.


"Christian Science is Bringing Heaven to Earth"
Edward B. Lent
Christian Science Sentinel, March 26, 1910

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