Christian Science Testimony

          Christian Science was brought to me about ten years ago by a friend, who had the loving desire to help me to be released from a trial under which I had suffered for many years. But it was not for physical relief that I began to study: the literature which my friend gave me, and "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, which I borrowed from the local Reading Room, convinced me at once that a marvelous message of love had been given by God to this age. The literature agreed so entirely with the Bible, and seemed to herald so clearly the next necessary step in the unfoldment of the gospel preached by Christ Jesus that I could not have rejected their message without being false to all I had learned of God and of Christ. I soon found that the teaching was not only Scriptural, logical, and rational, but demonstrably true. Palpitation and headaches, to which I had been subject for years, ceased to trouble me; as did also other physical discomforts.

          More and more I am filled with gratitude to God for the purity and unselfishness of our heroic Leader, and for her loving and faithful labor to bless humanity in spite of the persecution and the injustice to which she was subjected. She has thrown a clearer light than any other teacher upon the life and work of our Master and Way-shower, and has given us practical, scientific rules, which, in proportion as they are understood and consistently obeyed, enable us to follow in his footsteps and to do the works that he did, in accordance with his command. She has shown us how we may fulfill what "The Shorter Catechism" (so dear to our Scottish forefathers) calls "man's chief end," to truly "glorify God and enjoy Him for ever."

Mary R. Beckett
Hillhead, Glasgow, Scotland


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1924

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