Christian Science Testimony

         That God is a very present help in time of trouble, was clearly demonstrated to me about one year ago. I was riding in an auto when it was struck by another and heavier car running without lights. The force of the impact threw me against the windshield, the iron dividing bar striking me just below the nose, and causing a compound fracture of the bones of the face and roof of the mouth, while the glass cut my face almost beyond recognition. A ligament was torn from one knee, one arm was terribly crushed, and there was also a slight injury to the skull in front of the temples.

         As soon as consciousness was regained I declared the truth audibly, and tried to reach a telephone to ask for help in Christian Science, but I was prevented from doing this and put into a car by a physician who had arrived upon the ground and had sent for an ambulance to take me to a hospital. While I sat there against my desire, some friends came up, and seeing me took me in their car and brought me home under protest from the doctor. That was a proof of God's loving care, for which I was very thankful. As soon as I arrived home a friend called up a practitioner and I was able to talk to her enough to make her understand my need. The police officer who insisted upon coming home with us said a medical doctor would have to be called so he might have a police report of the case, as required by law; accordingly we called a doctor who was an old-time friend. An examination was made, and he told me next day that had he not known I was having Christian Science help he would have been obliged to administer morphine, for I never could have stood the pain through the night. As it was, there was no pain, but just a dull, heavy feeling and hemorrhages every few minutes. The next morning so many friends in their loving sympathy came to see me, that it made the occurrence so real I could not seem to work out from the mesmerism of it; so I asked the practitioner if she would come to the house and give me treatment, which she lovingly did.

         The second night I slept well until after midnight, when I was awakened by what felt like an unseen force putting each bone into its proper place and fastening it there. In the morning a dental surgeon examined my mouth and face and said every bone was properly adjusted and the knitting taking place. This was in advance of the time set by medical law. I was told by the medical doctor that I would not be able to eat solid food for six weeks, but I ate it in ten days after the accident, as the complete healing had taken place in that time. The flesh wounds were healed, leaving no scars to speak of, and these have since disappeared except an almost imperceptible mark where the lip was cut through. All the material laws, so called, were annulled by divine law, which is ever operative and does not wait for time or place. The healing is complete in every way.

         While I have experienced many other beautiful healings through the application of the knowledge of God and man gained through Christian Science, yet to me this has been the most beautiful; for it taught me that divine Mind is the only perfect healer, working silently, lovingly, and quickly in cases of surgery as well as in other needs. Through this experience there has come to me a wonderful spiritual uplift from the realization of the ever presence of the loving Father-Mother God and of the immediate protection given to each and all of His children.

         The practitioner has since spoken of how much help the articles in our periodicals and pamphlets were to her while working on this case. How thankful we all should be every minute for the gifts of God which are being hourly bestowed upon us through all the channels provided by our beloved Leader. To me they are the "bread of life," for they supply our spiritual nourishment.

Gertrude P. Belden
Chicago, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, July 27, 1918

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