Christian Science Testimony

         It is now more than thirty years since I was healed in Christian Science and had the blessed privilege of class instruction. I was healed in one treatment and the healing was so marvelous that it astonished all who knew of the case. I had been to the sanitarium at Battle Creek and had two operations and was left helpless, the physicians saying I would never be able to walk again without supports. I did not walk across the floor from March until June, and suffered agonies all the time. One day a friend came to see me and brought a lady with her, saying as she came into the room, "Cheer up, Sarah, I have brought you something now that will heal you." I asked what it was and she replied, "Christian Science." Somehow I thought they were the sweetest words I had ever heard. I asked what it was and the practitioner replied, "It is God who does the work." I was always willing to trust God and had always had a craving for higher things, and Christian Science came right into the place in my consciousness that had been prepared for it. The work was done absolutely and immediately and I was as well and strong as I had ever been, and remained so and went about my work, happy and free as a bird.

         I could tell of many, many demonstrations that have proved both to myself and others that Christian Science is the truth just as the Master gave it and as explained by our blessed Leader, Mary Baker Eddy. I have been asked this question, "Do you have just as much confidence in Christian Science now as you did at first?" and I can answer that my confidence has increased as my understanding has enlarged its borders. It is such a blessing in time of need, and nothing can take its place. Just the other day someone said a word that seemed to hurt and at first I had a struggle to keep the tears back; then the thought came to me, When Daniel was thrown into the lions' den, he did not sit down and cry because someone had wronged him, he just kept his face turned toward the light, having no room in his thought for anything but the things of God. I am ever grateful for Christian Science and all that it has brought to me.

Sarah A. Williams
Evanston, Illinois


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, May 22, 1920

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