Christian Science Testimony

         Christian Science was presented to me some time before I took it up as a study. On one occasion I asked for absent treatment from a practitioner before making a trip of quite a distance, and received great help; and through this help I found that train sickness was entirely overcome; and there has been no return of it since. I was very grateful for this, as I had never before been able to ride even a short distance without becoming very nauseated; and members of my family all know that from childhood I could not ride in any type of vehicle without becoming ill. This healing was simply taken for granted, and Christian Science was soon dismissed from my thought.

         Some time later I went home from two hospitals, and then tried another hospital in a different city, placing myself under the care of a nerve specialist. Hearing I was no better after several weeks of this treatment, a friend sent me a message to try Christian Science; but I cast the suggestion aside immediately. I left the last hospital very little, if any, better than when I entered. We then moved our residence, thinking a change of climate would help. Two days after we arrived in the new town, I received a wire that my favorite sister had passed on. This grief, added to the physical sufferings, seemed almost more than I could bear, and everything looked so black to me that I prayed I might be directed which church to unite with on the following Sunday, as I thought my mother would feel better if I were a member of some church when I passed on.

         On Saturday afternoon I walked about half a block to the [streetcar] line, but standing on my feet caused me so much suffering that I returned to my room in despair with the thought: Of what use am I to myself or to anyone else? I am only a burden and expense. My next thought was, Why not try Christian Science? And then I remembered my sincere desire the first of the week to be directed by Sunday to some church, and I knew this was the answer. I immediately went to the telephone and called a Christian Science Reading Room, asking for the name of a practitioner. About two hours later she came to see me. I shall never forget the gentle rap on the door, and the sweet countenance that greeted me when she came in. I could hardly talk to her for crying, but told her something of my condition. She sat quietly with her eyes closed for some time, then arose, placed a copy of The Christian Science Journal on my table, and left.

         When I found myself alive after leaving off the medicine, a thing which I had not done previously one day for more than a year, I felt very much encouraged, and thought that if God had taken care of me through one night He would through that day and another also. The Christian Scientist who was helping me telephoned the next day. I told her I was somewhat better, and thought I could go down to her office. I was feeling so much better and so happy over the fact that I could walk without suffering, that I walked all the way to her office, — a distance of above five blocks. The suffering had been caused from an internal misplacement and an infectious condition supposed to be the result of diseased organs, I do not know when the organ went back into place; but I do know that I did not undergo an operation; and from that day to this I have never suffered the slightest discomfort. I did not have the other organs removed either, as I had been advised would be necessary; and people of my acquaintance know how well I am, — up from early in the morning until late at night.

         I had also suffered from chronic and acute attacks of appendicitis, and had been told by two physicians that an operation was absolutely necessary for this. Since childhood I had never been free from constipation, sick headaches, and another difficulty which came periodically. You can imagine my happiness at being entirely freed from all these physical discords. By the end of the week I was so happy that it was noticeable to some relatives living in the same city. One member of the family guessed it was Christian Science, and they all, to use their expression, "took off their hats to anything that had wrought such a quick and complete change." The Saturday following, while it was almost too good to be true, — and I hated to tell the practitioner for fear it would not last, — I felt it was my duty to tell her that I was quite well and happy, as I thought she could be helping someone else. I was grateful then; but now, after weeks, months, and years have passed, and I am still well and happy, and have learned the way through Christian Science to keep in this condition, I know that only by living this truth and letting my light shine can I hope to prove the deep gratitude I feel. I know that the only real joy comes through serving, and I pray daily to give this truth to suffering humanity to help lighten their burdens.

Payce K. Dodgen
Raleigh, North Carolina


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, February 28, 1925

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