Christian Science Testimony

         . . . When a child of two years old I had a disease which left me with an abscess in one of my ears, from which I suffered for more than thirty years; then it was healed through Christian Science. I had "suffered many things of many physicians," with no permanent healing results. Finally I went to a well-known specialist, who performed two operations, removing the inner ear. This gave great relief, but it did not last, and soon all of the old manifestations reappeared. Christian Science found me and it healed me, although I did not turn to it for any physical benefits whatsoever. I was passing a Christian Science Reading Room and saw its sign, and without knowing why, I went in and read for about half an hour, and was given a few Sentinels to take home with me. I read them and saw the beauty of this precious truth, and also saw my own need. I knew I had found what I had so longed and sought for without knowing what that something was that I was seeking. Almost immediately after I had accepted Christian Science the ear trouble became very much aggravated, so much so that I was tempted to leave Christian Science and go back to drugs, to which temptation I yielded, though I knew there was no healing there only temporary relief. I was relieved, but I could not get along without "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy and other Christian Science literature, so I resumed my reading, and when the old trouble again manifested itself weeks later I decided the time had come for me to choose whom I would serve a material drug or divine Principle. The old way had failed; I chose the new. I felt that I had suffered long enough, for that ear had been deaf as far back as I could remember.

         I had nothing to lose by turning away from materia medica. I had tried it and found it wanting. I knew not whether Christian Science would heal me, but I had suffered since a baby from ruthless syringes, chemicals, and the knife. I needed Christian Science; I listened to the voice of Truth and was grateful. I was completely healed of the abscess, and was given a sign for which I had not asked, my hearing was restored. I do not know whether a new eardrum formed or what physical change took place in the ear. I only know that while sitting in church one Sunday morning I became conscious of the fact that I was hearing out of what was supposed to be my deaf ear. Upon arriving home I went to the telephone and placed the receiver to that ear to be sure that I could hear, for I felt that would be the supreme test. And I heard. I then knew the healing was complete. It was then about four years since the abscess had been healed, for which healing I was grateful, but to receive hearing was to me a miracle.

         For the physical healings I am grateful, but first I am glad that the "good tidings of great joy" have come to this suffering world. I am glad for the truth that brings to pass here and now the glorious promises of the Bible. I am grateful that all of God's ways are living ways, that we do not have to die to know Him. I am grateful to that dear woman, Mrs. Eddy, for her gift to the world, and to the practitioners who have helped me along the way.

Edith Enderton
Melvern, Kansas


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, March, 1921

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