Christian Science Testimony

         Hoping my testimony will benefit someone who is seeking the light, I should like to tell how I was led and guided in my mental journey from the darkness of night to the marvelous light of day.

         When I was quite a little girl my grandmother came to live with us. She was a woman of culture and profoundly religious. She told many Bible stories to my younger sister and me, but the one that impressed me most was the story of Christ's second coming. "Yes," she said, "he is coming again, that we may have life abundantly." In childlike glee I would exclaim, "Oh, won't I be glad to see him!" A few years later she passed on; and I missed her gentle influence and guidance, which had prepared my thought for the good that was to come.

         My health was rapidly declining, and many doctors were consulted, but none gave me relief or even encouragement. Then I was advised to go to a specialist; but, alas, his method of treatment, which was allopathic, — examinations, surgery, strong drugs, — was so severe that it seemed terrible to me. All material hopes were gone; and I was utterly in despair. One night, when the hours seemed darkest, just before dawn, I surrendered all and mentally cried out, "O God, help me!" Immediately all pain ceased, and there was calm and peace divine; for I leaned and rested on Deity. When morning came I began to search in the Bible to learn more of God; and I found some wonderful truths. I was accustomed to go to our attic, where there was quiet, to study the Bible. One day I was confounded by being confronted by a stone wall, as it were, in my thinking; all inspiration had gone, — I could not understand it. I closed the Bible; at the same time I declared and knew by intuition that somewhere there was a book that spiritually interpreted the Bible. Then followed a few more years of mental wandering in the wilderness of doubt, and the days were as dark and dreary as ever.

         Finally, I came to an oasis in the desert when I found myself in a Christian Science Reading Room investigating Christian Science, which had been presented to me at different times. The attendant lent me a book, the textbook of Christian Science, entitled "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science. I venture to say no mother ever embraced her child more fondly than I clasped that precious book to my heart, for I recognized and accepted it as the book that would interpret or unlock the meaning of the Scriptures; hence "Key to the Scriptures." Indeed, it was likened to a costly necklace of pearls, each pearl a "pearl of great price."

         Sixteen years have passed since I caught the first gleam of the light of Christian Science, at the brightness of whose coming "chaos and old night" fade into nothingness. The Bible and the textbook of Christian Science contain the recipes for Christian healing, — the rules to show us how to demonstrate infinite Principle and its divine laws.

         The question arises, For what am I most grateful? The answer is: For Christian Science, God's unspeakable gift to all mankind. It has healed me many, many times, as a result of diligent and conscientious study, of such difficulties as astigmatism, lumbago, sprained ankle, and so on. I am even more thankful than human language can express for the various activities of this great movement, which is preaching again the healing gospel of the Messiah, or Christ. Thus in Christian Science the words are being proved true: He is coming again that we may have life abundantly, "and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation."

Lottie L. Hart
Indianapolis, Indiana


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1925

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