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         I first turned to Christian Science when I had the mumps. Those who have had experience with this malady under medical treatment know that doctors do little for it, but allow it to run its course. I knew little of Christian Science, except that its adherents claimed its healings to be accomplished without opiates or other drugs; and, in fact, without the use of any material means. Thinking that if it did me no good, it surely would not do me any harm, I asked that a Christian Science practitioner be called. In a very few hours the pain had entirely gone; and soon every manifestation of the disease had vanished, excepting that I was very weak. I sent word to the practitioner that the healing was now accomplished, and that after a period of convalescence I should be well again. Instead of retiring from the case, the practitioner said I was now thinking that I had had a disease and that time must elapse before I could realize a complete healing, and added that she would handle the belief in the necessity for convalescence. Within two or three hours my strength had returned, and I was completely freed.

         That was my introduction to Christian Science, a little over eight years ago. I accepted without question its ability to stop pain and to cause swelling to subside, for that was the aim of every school of healing, and if Christian Science could heal mumps quicker than materia medica, I would hereafter recommend Christian Science for that malady; but when the practitioner said that a period of convalescence was not necessary, and then proved it to me in my own case, my interest in Christian Science was aroused to such an extent that I started to study the textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. I soon found answers to many questions of religion which had puzzled me. My search for the answer to other questions led to a study of the Bible, a book which had been put aside by me as a bundle of contradictory theories, and entirely inadequate and impractical for my present-day needs. Now I find it to be a veritable storehouse of truth, the door of which was opened for me by the "Key to the Scriptures."

         Following my first healing I had ample opportunities to prove further the effectiveness of Christian Science treatment. Colds, a bad sprain, burns, influenza, and financial difficulties are a few of the problems I have taken to Christian Science. One of my early experiences, that of the healing of a deep burn in the palm of my hand, strengthened and established me very much, for the healing was instantaneously accomplished, without the aid of a practitioner. Never have I earnestly sought, in the way Mrs. Eddy has pointed out for us, for the solution of my problem, — whether it has been worry, fear, physical ailment, or metaphysical questioning, — and found my search in vain. Our loving Father-Mother God does not give us a stone when we ask for bread.

James S. Johns
Pendleton, Oregon


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, December, 1923

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