Christian Science Testimony

         I was run over by a truck, and error tried to tell me that I was going to die. My shoulder was broken, ribs broken, spine injured, and lungs crushed. I however declared that man is spiritual and not material, and that there are no broken bones in Spirit; and I seemed to realize very clearly that error had no power over me, and that I had not received life of matter, nor could it take life from me. I was taken to the hospital, but did not receive any medical care of any kind, for I relied wholly upon divine Mind for every need; and at the end of three days I returned home and was able to be up and around every day, doing most of my housework and caring for my three children. At the end of ten days I was healed. I should like to add that I was without pain during this time. The doctor said that I would have to remain in the hospital for six weeks, but I declared that the care of the one Mind would be with me at home and it was.

         I have never been troubled since, and this happened almost four years ago. I am certainly grateful for Christian Science, and for what it has done for me during the past seven years.

Margaret Potjer
Seattle, Washington


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, June 4, 1927

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