Christian Science Testimony

         I will relate a beautiful demonstration of the power of Truth over error. My son was presented with an alcohol engine on his sixteenth birthday and while testing the power of it, it exploded, covering his face with the burning fluid, the wick adhering to one cheek burning a hole in it; his sister, a year younger heard the explosion and rushed to him, then called to me to come at once that her brother was on fire. I, of course, was with him immediately and thanks to the blessed Truth my first thought was, "God is Love, His idea can never be harmed or injured by any seeming accident."

         In a few minutes he said that all pain had left his face, but that one eye (which was badly burned), still pained him. I again did my best to realize the Allness of Love for him and in a very short time was rewarded by his telling me that he was quite easy.

         I then went down stairs to my husband and explained matters to him, pointing out to him that though our son might recover under the care of an ordinary physician, yet there was no skill in the material world that could prevent scarring from such a burn, for he was burned beyond recognition, and begged him to allow me to have Christian Science treatment for the case; but he, poor man in his blindness, would not hear of such a thing and at once went for a doctor. When the doctor and my husband arrived they found the boy sleeping peacefully; the doctor was, of course, surprised to find there was no suffering, but he awoke him and commenced applying lotions to the wounds, which produced very great suffering; the doctor remarked that the pain in a little while would be so intense that we must then keep bathing the face with the drugs continually; he also left opiates to be administered, likewise fever medicine. My husband asked him if he thought our boy would be scarred; he answered that the eye that was burned would be drawn up, also the mouth would be drawn up on the side where the cheek was burned through. The rest of the face he would not speak about yet. As soon as my husband and doctor had left the room, my son begged me to remove the cloths from his face, saying that he could not endure the pain. I did so, and treated him until all pain left him.

         I then said to my husband — Harry (our son's name) wished me to remove the cloths as he could not endure the pain and as he is old enough he shall decide what treatment shall be given him; if he wants the doctor everything shall faithfully be done as he desires; if he wants Christian Science there is no power to prevent him from having God for his physician. Our son at once declared that he wanted Christian Science and nothing else. He soon fell into a sound sleep which lasted three hours, — all belief of pain was ended, not a twinge of discomfort did he experience afterwards.

         I sent a note to a dear brother and sister (Scientists), asking their help. The next morning the doctor came to see the patient and after looking at him carefully pronounced the case doing finely.

         I at once began to explain, telling him that I had not applied any of the lotions or given any of the drugs, at which he fairly stormed, and finished by saying that the boy would have a permanent ulcer in his cheek, but since I understood the case so well, he would wash his hands of the whole affair.

         As soon as he had gone I telephoned to one of the Scientists I had written to the day before, asking him to please come to my house, which he did at once.

         He treated my son for some days, who mended rapidly and he is today free from scar or blemish as the result of burning. Under the treatment of Divine Science the muscles, ligaments, flesh and skin became as pliable and perfect as before the accident, thus proving the All-power of God.


"Power of Truth Over Error" by J. H. H.
The Christian Science Journal, April, 1896

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