Christian Science Testimony

         The following testimony is given as an expression of gratitude for the many, many blessings I have received through the study of Christian Science. Physical healing is the proof of our understanding of spiritual law. When the mental battle field is cleared of all error, — injustice, greed, envy, hate, and the like, — and Life, Truth, and Love occupy the ground, there is no battle, and all is harmony.

         I have had many beautiful proofs of God's presence and power, one being the laying aside of glasses, which I had worn since a child of seven. When I was leaving for a trip West, my oculist fitted me with new lenses, and told me I would never be able to go without them. At that statement I rebelled, although I knew nothing of Christian Science. A few months later I broke my glasses at a time when I had some very important work to do, some of it night work. I went to a local optician, who tested my eyes and sent to San Francisco for the lenses, lending me temporary lenses in the meantime. When it came to fitting the glasses he broke my nose piece, and two of his own, and finally broke one of the lenses. This was his extremity as well as mine. I then went to a Christian Science practitioner, saying that I must have help and have it at once. She gave me a treatment and I returned to the office. I could see to read without any glasses, a thing impossible before, and for perhaps half an hour all went well; then the words blurred so that it was impossible for me to distinguish them. I walked the floor of our offices having in mind the story of the woman whom Satan had bound for eighteen years, and declared aloud my freedom from bondage to any such illusive mind or power. In a few minutes all was well again, and I have never had glasses on from that day to this, nine years. The oculist who said I would never be able to go without glasses is today a Christian Science practitioner.

         In the healing of physical discords I have had wonderful proofs of God's love, His presence and power; also in the securing of positions and the overcoming of numerous difficulties. These results do not come from seeking to accomplish certain definite, outlined ends; but from seeking first the kingdom of God and getting self out of the way, knowing that His kingdom is come, that He is ever present intelligence and Love; and by keeping thought free from fear, doubt, or over anxiety, looking not to man or matter, but only to God to govern all things. My constant prayer is that I may grow in understanding, and attain that self-immolation necessary to at-one-ment with the Father.

Maude Southerne
Los Angeles, California


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, November 2, 1918

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