Christian Science Testimony

         Before Christian Science found me I was unhappy and miserable. My trouble was not so much physical as mental, although heart disease had been growing worse for several years, and I felt my end drawing nearer from day to day. Then something wonderful occurred. One day shortly before the end of the year a dear woman who is a Christian Scientist came into my store, and during the course of our conversation she expressed a great deal of love and kindness and explained to me that God is omnipresent, that He is Life and Love, and that man has only to heed His instructions in order to be able to overcome all discords. Her explanations lifted my burdens, I felt wonderfully relieved, and for the first time in my life I felt that God is loving and omnipresent. My surroundings, with which I had been very dissatisfied, now seemed filled with His presence. I slept peacefully that night, as never before. Upon waking the next morning I realized clearly that this loving woman had shown me the right way to know God.

         That "man's extremity is God's opportunity" I was privileged to prove, for today I am a happy and healthy woman. I cannot express my deep thanks to God in words; it is my greatest desire to follow Him in all His ways. With a grateful heart I thank our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who has again shown us the way to Truth through Christian Science.

Therese Vohsgraff
Altona, Germany


"Testimonies of Healing"
The Christian Science Journal, February, 1921

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