Christian Science Testimony

         When I first heard of Christian Science I had been a confirmed drunkard and smoker for nearly twenty years; and incredible as it may seem, I had not been sober for two years. I had often tried to conquer the craving for strong drink, but had failed utterly, and had become such a slave to it that I almost lived on it, taking very little else. Fear that I might sometime be unable to obtain drink has frequently caused me to hide bottles of beer in the ash bin. My habits had reduced me to a physical wreck, but even this was only a part of my misery.

         For years our home had been a habitation of discord. My husband was a drunkard, and had frequently caused me very serious injuries when under the influence of drink. Finally he found it impossible to live with me, and left me saying he would never return. This caused me to be penniless, and at the time of which I write my only possessions were a pot of beer and the rags in which I was clad. My bed, furniture, and clothing had been sold or pawned to buy drink. The house in which I lived was empty, and although it was winter time I had neither food nor fire. My relatives and neighbors shunned me; and my loneliness and misery were such that I had tried to end my life, but had been prevented. Surely it would be difficult to picture a more hopeless creature than I was.

         That was my condition when a lady, who I afterwards found was a Christian Science practitioner, knocked at my door to make some inquiry. She did not know me, and knew nothing of my plight, but at once saw that I was ill; and her comforting remarks caused me to tell her my tale of woe, which I concluded by saying that no one cared for me. My visitor instantly replied: "But God cares for you, and I care for you. God is your Father and your Mother, and He loves you just as He loves us all. He supplies all your needs, and gives you health and happiness." At that moment all craving for drink left me, and I was healed physically and morally. I was conscious of a sense of love and peace and hope that I had never known before. The lady asked if I would pour out the pot of beer; and I immediately did so, having no desire for it. She then purchased a supply of food and clothing for me, and left me until the following day, when my husband returned home. He told me that on the previous day, when about to enter a beer house, he felt that he could not go in, and found that all desire for drink had left him, and he suddenly longed to return home. He was astonished to find me changed into a happy woman, healed of all my sickness as well as of the drink and tobacco habits. Neither of us has ever touched drink from that day to this, and it is now six and a half years since we were healed. Though my husband was twenty miles away, he was healed at the same time and as quickly as I myself, and his character was also instantly reformed. I am now a well woman, leading a normal and happy life. My husband, relatives, and friends are all restored to me, and our home is now one of peace, harmony, and love. Every day brings joy and happiness. God is our only Physician, and on two occasions my husband had been quickly healed of sickness.

         I know that it is divine Love, revealed through Christian Science, which has done so much for me, and I daily read the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's works, and I also attend the Christian Science services. I trust that my life will show my gratitude to Him who brought me out of bondage "into the glorious liberty of the children of God."

Sarah Ellen Walker
Todmorden, Yorkshire, England


"Testimonies of Healing"
Christian Science Sentinel, March 24, 1928

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