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It is with joy and deep gratitude we announce a change in the name of the congregation formerly known as First Church of Christ, Scientist, Surfside, Florida. The original 1953 Articles of Incorporation were amended by the members and in June, 1989, these amendments to the charter were accepted by the State of Florida.

While adhering to the Tenets of Christian Science found in Science and Health, pages 496 and 497, to which each member subscribes, the purposes for this change are rooted in Scriptural prophecy and fulfillment, as follows:—

We hold that God is using four instruments in His plan of salvation: 1. The revelation of Truth in the Holy Scriptures; 2. Christ, as presented in the New Testament; 3. the nation Israel of the Old Testament; 4. the Christ Science with its Depository.

The First Instrument:—
The Book
We hold the Bible to be the divinely inspired revelation of Truth and of God's plan of salvation for the redemption of the human race. We further hold our denominational textbook. Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, to be the key to the Scriptures, and that it is equally as much revealed truth as is the Bible; that it is the "little book open" in the hand of the "mighty angel cone down from heaven, clothed with a cloud," as prophesied by St. John in the tenth chapter of Revelation, and explained in Science and Health, pages 568, 569.

This mighty book is the one which appeared to Ezekiel (2:8-10; 3:1-4) and later to Daniel who was charged with sealing it and in which state it was to remain "to the time of the end." (Daniel 12:1, 4, 9) Thus, six chapters in the book of Revelation are given to the specific details involved in opening the seven seals thus placed upon it by Daniel. The opening of the seals of this book fulfills the prophecy of the Second Coming of Christ in the "latter days" or "the time of the end." It is this book that is essential to our being "made ... unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth." (Rev. 5:10; 1:6)

The Second Instrument:—
We hold that Christ Jesus is "the only begotten Son of God" (John 3:16, 18). And we hold that Mary Baker Eddy is "the 'God-appointed' and 'God-anointed' messenger to this age, the woman chosen by God to discover the Science of Christian healing and to interpret it to mankind;..." (Mrs. Eddy's Place. Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society. 1943) For Science and Health to be a revelation from God, Mrs. Eddy must be "therefore, the revelator of Christ, Truth, in this age." (Ibid) We further hold that where Science and Health reads: "This immaculate idea [Christ], represented first by man and, according to the Revelator, last by woman ..." (p. 565), the "man" is Christ Jesus and the "woman" is Mary Baker Eddy; and that where Science and Health reads: "As Elias presented the idea of the fatherhood of God, which Jesus afterwards manifested, so the Revelator completed this figure with woman, typifying the spiritual idea of God's motherhood" (p. 562)—the words "which Mary Baker Eddy afterwards manifested" are understood as essential to the complete meaning.

The Two Witnesses
We accept Mrs. Eddy's statement in The First Church of Christ. Scientist, and Miscellany, page 347, that the "two witnesses" of Revelation, chapter 11, are "Christ Jesus and Christian Science," based on the explanation of "Comforter" given in Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible, page 15, where we read: "There are three dispensations in the history of redemption, each richer and fuller than the last: (1) The Old Testament dispensation, under which men knew only of God in high heaven; (2) [the New Testament dispensation] of the Incarnation under which the Father came near to men in Jesus Christ and by his gracious advocacy appealed to their hearts; (3) [the dispensation of the "Comforter"] of the Holy Spirit [see Science and Health 588:7 to semicolon] is the Father's Advocate here, and Jesus 'our Advocate above, our Friend before the throne of love.'" The third dispensation has a "Testament" also,—Science and Health. It should be noted here that the "three dispensations" described comprise the three elements of the Trinity.

In Mrs. Eddy's relation to Christ Jesus we hold the profound spiritual meaning of her words in Science and Health 576:26, and in Christ and Christmas, pages 39, 41, 43 and 45, to characterize this "Christian Unity."

"A Place in the Trinity"
Scientifically understood, we agree with the statement by Mark Twain: "[Mrs.] Eddy deserves a place in the Trinity as much as any member of it. She has organized and made available a healing principle that for two thousand years has never been employed except as the merest kind of guess-work. She is the benefactor of the age." (Mark Twain A Biography, by Albert Bigelow Paine. New York: Harper and Brothers. 1912. Volume III, page 1271)

We hold that Mrs. Eddy occupies such a place.

The Third Instrument:—
Israel as a nation chosen of God had a spiritual mission. It was to be a national witness to Himself (God) before the other nations of the earth, in order that those nations in response to that witness, beholding Him as the only and true God in His attributes of justice, power, holiness, truth and love, might be brought into loving and inspired submission to His holy will. Israel was to be the channel for the incoming of Christ, the personal Redeemer in both Advents, and to be a depository for His truth in the earth. To Israel was committed the sacred oracles of Christ.

All Nations to Come Under the Rulership of Christ
In Revelation 12:5 we read: "And she brought forth a man child, who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron; and her child was caught up unto God, and to His throne." In explaining these words Science and Health states: "... Christ, God's idea, will eventually rule all nations and peoples—imperatively, absolutely, finally—with divine Science [the rod of iron]." (565:16-18) And we also read; "The twelve tribes of Israel with all mortals,—separated by belief from man's divine origin and the true idea,—will through much tribulation yield to the activities of the divine Principle of man in the harmony of Science." (562:11-16)

It is to be through Israel that the nations of the earth are to be united under the rulership of Christ.

The Lost Tribes of Israel
According to prophecy the lost ten tribes of Israel were to be found—identified—at the time of the Second Coming of Christ. Two-tribed Judah retained her Identity through the ages as the "House of Judah." The "House of Israel," ten-tribed Israel, on the other hand, is today an innumerable multitude apart from Jewry, a fact which the Jewish Chronicle for May 2, 1879 recognized by its reference to the ten tribes as represented by peoples who are not Jews. There it is stated: "The Scriptures speak of a future restoration of Israel, which is clearly to include both Judah and Ephraim [another term designating the "House of Israel"]. The problem, then, is reduced to its simplest form. The ten tribes are certainly in existence. All that has to be done is to discover which people represent them."

The Anglo-Israel cause won Mrs. Eddy's conviction. Briefly stated: Ten-tribed Israel left Palestine while two-tribed Judah remained. The movements of the Israel clans are traced out of the East, across Europe to their new settlement in the Isles of Britain, and then on to America. The prophets foretold Israel's westward trek and the monuments and traditions record the divinely guided wanderings of the people who left "waymarks" behind them as they journeyed toward their ultimate destination. Today the peoples of Anglo-Israel alone bear all the marks by which the House of Israel was to be known in the latter days and they have unconsciously fulfilled in their history, and do fulfill in their present-day activities, what the Bible declares would be accomplished by them in these latter times.

As the people of the northern ten-tribed Kingdom of Israel they bear a responsibility before God from which they cannot escape. Failure to awaken to the knowledge of their identity and assume their spiritual responsibility as the people with whom God made His unalterable covenants, will doubtless bring national suffering and trouble until this identification is achieved.

In a letter in 1902 to the author of a work tracing the lineage of Queen Victoria back to King David, Mrs. Eddy wrote: "Your work, The Royal House of Britain an Enduring Dynasty, is indeed masterful: one of the most remarkable Biblical researches in that direction ever accomplished. Its data and the logic of its events sustain its authenticity, and its grandeur sparkles in the words, 'King Jesus.'" In the words of Jeremiah, quoted in the book: "David shall never want a man to sit upon the throne of the House of Israel." (Jer. 33:17)

Mrs. Eddy states: "Christian Science ... restores the lost Israel." (Manual, page 17) And she writes:

List, brother! angels whisper
To Judah's sceptered race,—
"Thou of the self-same spirit,
Allied by nations' grace,

"Wouldst cheer the hosts of heaven;
For Anglo-Israel, lo!
Is marching under orders;
His hand averts the blow."

Brave Britain, blest America!
Unite your battle-plan;
Victorious, all who live it,—
The love for God and man. (Poems, page 10)

Uniting the "battle-plan" of Anglo-Israel will achieve the union of the nations "with [the] rod of iron."

The Fourth Instrument:—
Divine Science and the Depository of Israel
The Emergence of Two Schools

The "Boston school"—Hanna and Knott
The "Chicago school"—Kimball and Young
In 1977 the Christian Science Headquarters in Boston reported in their official church history—The Years of Authority by Robert Peel—a situation known to but few people for many decades: Near the close of her earthly life Mrs. Eddy discovered "two variant" interpretations of her teachings that had become entrenched within her Church's Manual-governed teaching system. For Mrs. Eddy to have exposed it then, according to the history, would have "divided the field," and destroyed the organization so essential at that time.

In the words of Peel: "It was one more lesson she had learned from coming to grips with a concrete situation which threatened to divide the field" (p. 252). By this "lesson" is meant the conflict and strife generated by "two variant 'schools' of Christian Science teaching (sometimes known as the Boston school and the Chicago school) of which [Judge Septimus J.] Hanna and [Edward A.] Kimball were presumed to be the chief representatives" (p. 251).

In 1889 Mrs. Eddy closed the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. Nine years later, in 1898, she established a Board of Education, under her auspices as President of the college. This Board was composed of Judge Septimus J. Hanna, C.S.D., Mrs. Laura Lathrop, C.S.D., and Mr. Edward A. Kimball, C.S.D., teacher of the Normal class. After the first Normal class in 1899 Mrs. Eddy wrote Judge Hanna that she had wanted him to be President of the Board of Education.

In 1903 Mrs. Eddy called Mrs. Annie M. Knott, C.S.D., to Boston as an editor of the periodicals "to see that her teachings were strictly adhered to in the articles which went out." (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, Third Series, p. 87) Mrs. Knott was of the "Boston school" as shown below.

In 1958 Dr. Charles Braden published his book Christian Science Today (Dallas: Southern Methodist University Press; 432 pages, hardback). In contrast to Robert Peel who had full access to the Archives of The Mother Church, Dr. Braden was not permitted any access to the material at the Boston Headquarters. Consequently, he turned elsewhere and found the most complete collection of Christian Science historic material in the libraries of adherents of the "Chicago school" of Christian Science, who were the leading exponents of this school and well known throughout the Field. In the view of those early students of the Kimball school Mrs. Annie M. Knott was known to be the chief representative of the "Boston school." And Dr. Braden speaks of "officialdom, in the person of Mrs. Knott" (p. 311), and identifies her thus.

For two decades after the departure of Mrs. Eddy in 1910, the Boston Headquarters maintained the "Boston school" in their Normal College and editorial policy. At her passing Judge Hanna succeeded Mrs. Eddy as President of the Massachusetts Metaphysical College (different from the office of president of the Board of Education; cf. Manual. Art. XXVIII. Sect. 1) with life tenure at the appointment of Mrs. Eddy. In March, 1919, Mrs. Knott was chosen to be the first woman member of The Christian Science Board of Directors. In July, 1921, Judge Hanna passed on, and in 1934 Mrs. Knott retired from the Board of Directors in Boston. After her departure the Kimball variant became the more popular and was adopted by the Headquarters as the official teaching for the Normal College and the editorial policy of the periodicals.

In a written statement which she gave Calvin Frye to preserve, Mrs. Eddy in her final years stated: "In answer to oncoming questions will say: I calculate that about one half century more will bring to the front the [entity] that God has equipped to lift aloft His standard of Christian Science." (First published by the Mother Church director to whom was given the paper by Mr. Frye,—in The Christian Science Watchman. January, 1928, Vol. IV, No. 5, pages 103-6; and three years later published in Since Mrs. Eddy by Altman K. Swihart. New York: Henry Holt and Co. 1931. page 305)

The Furled Standard
The above statement by our Leader (kept secret by Mr. Frye) in our view is intended by her to provide the remedy for the "concrete [doctrinal] situation" which existed in her time as reported by Robert Peel and we hold ourselves committed to the restoration and promotion of the displaced teaching—or "school"—(the furled standard) of which Judge Septimus J. Hanna and Mrs. Annie M. Knott are the representatives.

It is obvious if a doctrinal "standard" needs to be lifted "aloft" after a half century it must necessarily be from a "down"—or furled—position. "Aloft" and "furled" clearly are variant positions—in the case of a doctrinal "standard" they represent "variant schools," or teachings. Mrs. Eddy, then, must have foreseen that after her departure a variant doctrine would become popular until such time as some process should operate to change that position.

The Depository as an Instrument of Salvation
In writing to the Romans Paul said: "... Unto [Israel] were committed the oracles of God." (Romans 3:2) Israel was to be a depository for the teachings of Christ Jesus. And in Revelation 12:17, we read: "And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ." It is the dragon that has furled the standard.

Signs of the Times
The apparent dwindling and closing of branch churches and the much-publicized attacks on Christian Scientists throughout our country are a matter of concern to all earnest students of Christian Science. May not the furled standard contribute to this? Mrs. Eddy, however, has already provided for this present development. On page 358 of Miscellaneous Writings, she gives us the scientific explanation of these events: "When students have fulfilled all the good ends of organization, and are convinced that by leaving the material forms thereof a higher spiritual unity is won, then is the time to follow the example of the Alma Mater. Material organization is requisite in the beginning; but when it has done its work, the purely Christly method of teaching [unfurling the standard] and preaching must be adopted. ... Growth is restricted by forcing humanity out of the proper channels for development, or by holding it in fetters." See also Retrospection and Introspection 44:17-10, where she states:. ... "Despite the prosperity of my church, it was learned that material organization has its value and peril, and that organization is requisite only in the earliest periods in Christian history. After this material form of cohesion and fellowship has accomplished its end, continued organization retards spiritual growth, and should be laid off..."

Church Activity to Continue
The laying off of organization does not mean the end of local church organizations. It means the phasing out of hierarchy, which is exactly what Mrs. Eddy indicated in a published interview with a reporter from the New York Herald in 1901, quoted in The First Church of Christ, Scientist, and Miscellany, page 342, where she tells us plainly what to expect:—

"The continuity of The Church of Christ, Scientist is assured. It is growing wonderfully. It will embrace all the churches, one by one, because in it alone is the simplicity of the oneness of God; the oneness of Christ and the perfecting of man stated scientifically."

"How will it be governed after all now concerned in its government shall have passed on?"

"It will evolve scientifically. ... Its government will develop as it progresses."

"Will there be a hierarchy, or will it be directed by a single earthly ruler?"

"In time its present rules of service and present rulership will advance nearer perfection [that is, without 'hierarchy']..."

The CHURCH OF CHRIST JESUS AND MARY BAKER EDDY CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is "laying off organization" in consonance with Mrs. Eddy's published words. In a letter written "To the Christian Science Board of Education," November 2, 1898, Mrs. Eddy stated in part: "The Massachusetts Metaphysical College charter is in my possession, and simply calling a meeting, etc., would legalize your certificates so as to be issued with the degrees of my College. But this would revive and include organization, which God evidently purposes to destroy as fast as Christian Scientists and the world grow up to it, and can go on rightly without it." (Quoted by Judge Hanna)

An Analogy
To use an analogy, a spaceship lifts off from earth with boosters which function in sequent stages. When the first stage booster has exhausted its fuel it is disengaged from the spaceship and dropped into the sea, and the next stage booster is ignited sending the ship more rapidly toward its destination. Should the crew of the spaceship attempt to retain its first stage booster after its fuel has been exhausted we all know what would happen! It is the purpose of the spent first stage booster "after [it] has accomplished its end," that it be disengaged, not retained. According to Mrs. Eddy, it is God's purpose "to destroy [organization—the spent booster] as fast as Christian Scientists and the world grow up to it, and can go on rightly without it." That time has come. Is it not apparent that Mrs. Eddy's prophecy in Pulpit and Press 22:9, and the one quoted above from Miscellany cannot be attained "in the twentieth" until this second stage is in progress?

She clearly states what steps will occur in this next stage (Retrospection and Introspection 91:13-27; 92:1-10): "... when it has done its work [organization—or the so-called first stage booster], the purely Christly method of teaching and preaching must be adopted." Teaching and preaching are to advance to a higher mode—"the purely Christly method." Just what is this "purely Christly method"? Our Leader answers this: "Where did Jesus deliver this great lesson—or, rather, this series of great lessons [the Sermon on the Mount]—on humanity and divinity? On a hillside, near the sloping shores of the Lake of Galileo, where he spake primarily to his immediate disciples.

"In this simplicity, and with such fidelity, we see Jesus ministering to the spiritual needs of all who placed themselves under his care, always leading then into the divine order, under the sway of his own perfect understanding. His power over others was spiritual, not corporeal. To the students whom he had chosen, his immortal teaching was the bread of Life. When he was with them, a fishing-boat became a sanctuary, and the solitude was peopled with holy messages from the All-Father. The grove became his class-room, and nature's haunts were the Messiah's university.

"... The method of his religion was not too simple to be sublime, nor was his power so exalted as to be unavailable for the needs of suffering mortals, whose wounds he healed by Truth and Love. His order of ministration was 'first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.' May we unloose the latchets of his Christliness, inherit his legacy of love, and reach the fruition of his promise: 'It ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.'"

She states: "The student who heals by teaching and teaches by healing, will graduate under divine honors, which are the only appropriate seals for Christian Science. State honors [diplomas] perish, and their gain is loss to the Christian Scientist." (Miscellaneous Writings 358:4-8)

These views on organization published by our Leader around the turn of the century were not new. She had always seen them in this light, and had even expressed them in her first edition of Science and Health, copyrighted in 1875, where she writes: "Christianity is not a creed, doctrine, or belief; but the demonstration of Life, Love, and Truth; ... We have no need of creeds and church organizations to sustain or explain a demonstrable platform that defines itself in healing the sick and casting out error. ... The mistake the disciples of Jesus made to found religious organizations and church rites, if indeed they did this, was one the Master did not make; ... No time was lost by our Master in organizations, rites, and ceremonies, or in proselyting for certain forms of belief;..." (Science and Health, First Edition, pages 165-166)

She further writes: "We have no record that forms of church worship were instituted by our great spiritual teacher, Jesus of Nazareth, and we learn the improbability of this, in the Science of God, that he taught and demonstrated. ... A magnificent edifice is not the sign of Christ's Church. Anciently the followers of Christ, Truth, measured their Christianity by the control it gave them over sickness, sin and death; whereas the more modern forms of religion leave out the latter; but we are learning slowly, as the centuries pass, to leave forms and doctrines, and require the primitive tests of Christianity." (Ibid, p. 167)

Often one hears Christian Scientists express the thought that "error" or "evil" is causing the churches to diminish and experience fading light, but Mrs. Eddy makes It clear that it is God's purpose to lay off organization (hierarchy) at the right time, and to unfurl and "lift aloft His standard of Christian Science." When this is not done spiritual growth is retarded.

Implementation of Next Stage
We rejoice in the knowledge that God's plan for the salvation of mankind is working in our day just as effectively as in the earlier days of the movement. Referring again to the analogy of the rocket (or spaceship) dropping off the spent booster, we have now entered the next wonderful and glorious stage of development! Let us rejoice that we are taking part in the unfoldment of God's plan for our movement. We need to keep our eyes on the advancing stage of the rocket, rather than trying to prevent the separation, or disengagement, of the spent booster,—the "hierarchy."

Our church services follow the order of service given in the Manual. In place of the current Lesson-Sermons, we are using the Quarterlies published during Mrs. Eddy's day, which were prepared by her students.

While Mrs. Eddy was personally present, she directed the selection of the members of the Lesson-Sermon committee. These sermons were a means she considered of great importance in developing and reinforcing her class teaching of Christian Science.

The four instruments which operate in God's plan of salvation encompass the four sides of the Holy City described in Science and Health, pages 575-577, which are also the four sides of our Leader's Church and of our nation.

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